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Design is Intelligence Made Visible

Are you sick using Fiverr and not getting the results you want? Why can’t one person do it all for you? Just want someone you can trust to do a good job? Frustrated with work coming back late?

Find the technical stuff on Facebook hard to figure out and not sure why you aren’t making sales?

Look no further I’m here to help you!

Based in Queensland, Australia I’m a freelance graphic designer. I’ve worked with top agencies worldwide. I’m an all-rounder who has extensive experience in branding and I can help your business project a clear message.

Design is hard work. Finding a great designer shouldn’t be.


Brand Consulting

Make sure your clients recognise your brand on all platforms


Facebook Ads Imagery

Let me help you to get your adverts to standout.


Marketing Materials

Perhaps you need a logo, business card, flyers, poster or something for your event and promotions?


Wordpress Websites

Do you need a simple website for your business or to optimise your current one?



Need professional profile pictures of yourself to promote your business across any platform?



I can create hand drawn and digital illustrations for whatever your occasion or product requires.

I am so happy I found Bo as producing my new website has been such a great process and the finished website has exceeded my expectations. Bo is such a lovely lady and is brilliant at her job, nothing was ever a problem and she explained every step in words that I could understand. Since the launch of my new website I have had an increase in contact via my website, and my new clientele originating from the website has doubled. It has been a great investment in my business and I am only disappointed that I didn't do this earlier.

Adam Gokmen

Business Owner

Bo is super reliable and easy to work with. From packaging, signage to website help. Her work is top shelf and her knowledge of new marketing platforms extensive. She's helped our movement grow through her consistent branding monitoring, creating marketing materials and support.

Alexander Gorshenin

Business Owner

Bo is my 'goto' graphic designer for everything to do with my music (I am a singer-songwriter). She has always been reliable and responsive, has helped me with everything to do with my image including branding, photography- including numerous photoshoots- designing my EP covers, gig flyers and social media design and function.

Always enthusiastic and giving of her time, ideas and creative input, Bo is great at 'joining all the dots' of a brand and getting all the elements to look and feel right across more than one medium. When she has taken on a specific project like designing an EP cover or running a photoshoot, she has always been totally professional, meets deadlines and comes back with a great quality work.

Christa Vi


Not content to stick to one discipline, Bo is a bundle of creative energy expressed skillfully over many outlets - graphic design, photography, branding, blogging and web design. Over the years she has created marketing material for my exhibition programmes and most recently my new website. Bo is a pleasure to work with and her vast skill range means she can offer a comprehensive creative package.

Vanessa Brady

Art Curator

I worked with Bo for a number of years. During that time it quickly became evident what kind of unique benefits she would add to the team. She is a versatile designer with adept skills in Web design, Digital Photography, Blogging and Social media. With excellent interpersonal skills, Bo is an exceptionally creative, dynamic and proficient individual all in her works.

Chris Wade

A Savvy Designer with Over 15 Years of Global Experience 

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Bo Wong, I have significant experience in branding, digital content analysis, use of multimedia, website architecture, online communication techniques and media relations.

I can be a strong driving force for improving the performance, scalability and reliability of your business.

As a self-directed and self-managed person, I am always pushing myself to deliver ongoing process improvements in anything I do. Always keeping up with the latest technologies, strategies and trends in design.

Why Work With Me?

With the digital world increasing the competitiveness of almost every industry, it’s important that your organisation stands out from the crowd.

The value of having a trusted graphic designer on hand is becoming ever more valuable. Whether you’re looking at designing a new logo for your business, need help with constructing a flyer, or want advert images for your Facebook Ads, I’m an expert in delivering your message loudly and clearly.

I not only offer outstanding quality but also turn around work quickly to meet your needs.

Why Creating Great Images for Facebook Ads is Important

Of the 25 million small businesses active on Facebook, only 4% are running Facebook ads.

With marketers looking to increase their use of visual images, the ability to create original visual content is a critical skill. When designing ads for Facebook it’s important to keep in mind the principles of any advertising.

These include that the advert is relevant, has a value proposition and a single call to action. The creative graphics I will custom make for your business can help you achieve all these things.

Whether it’s adding text to an image, an icon or logo, graphics play an important role in capturing attention- and capturing attention is the first thing you need to do with any ad.

Your Brand Matters

Producing regular content has become a key factor in maintaining a successful brand.

But, how are you meant to cut through the noise and make your content stand out? The answer: visual content.

Interfaces change over different platforms but, it’s all too easy to scroll right past key pieces of content because nothing quite jumps out.

These days you have about 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention. With this in mind using visuals to communicate your message. With the appropriate type and eye-catching imagery, you have a much better chance of ensuring people will stop scrolling and have a good look at what you have to offer.


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