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Living in an age of modern technology, it’s sometime easy to lose track of time and get away from it all and be inspired. Hard work is important, but so is everything else in life including being inspired each and everyday. Throughout the years I developed some systems and strategies to ensure I remain creative and make things happen. The followings are my favourite ways to keep igniting my creativity and hopefully these will help you too.

1. Keep a record of inspiration

It’s so easy to record things I find inspiring from the notepad on your phone, to carrying around a notebook, pinterest and flipboard etc… so that you can write all your ideas, notes, inspirational quotes, dreams and goals, down.  Being consistent and doing something everyday (I spent 3mins a day pinning things on pinterest) will mean over time you will have a database of inspiration  and a reminder of your goals to keep you focused and motivated.

2. Always have a camera handy

As a very visual person I often see things I find inspiring, from a piece of graffiti on the wall to funny sign. With mobile phones having such high spec camera’s today and social media App’s like Instagram it’s easy to keep a record of these and you never know what you will see, so it’s best to alway be prepared.

3. Watch, listen and read to things that inspire you…

Watching short talks by inspiring people (I love Ted Talks) their persistence, motivation and success, is a great way to open your mind to different ideas and people. I also listen to podcasts, read stories/projects about people I find inspiring to motivate myself everyday.

5. Set yourself a personal inspiration challenge…

By taking time out of your day taking a step back from life and noticing or hearing something inspiring  each day (even if it’s for 5 mins) can change your outlook on life and also active your mind. This can be as simple as taking a walk at lunchtime and taking notice of your surrounds to going to a new area/place each week and taking to someone different.

6. Look after you!

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Exercise, nutritious food and water all have a part to play, so make sure you give yourself time to relax, smile, be happy and have fun!

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